Student Life: Where to Get Money When You Need It

Students, by definition, are the people who need the money more than others. As a student, you want to live beautifully, buy good clothes, travel, and relax while you are young and full of energy. But asking parents who pay for education and rent is simply inconvenient to ask for money for entertainment. In such cases, most of those who "nibble on the granite of science" are puzzled by the search for funding.

Offline Work

A job that doesn't require a lot of skills and doesn't take up all of the student's time can be a great way to increase student income. Here are a few options that might work:

  • Sales assistant in the store. Working in home appliance stores, expensive clothing or jewelry stores, and bridal salons is most profitable. The level of payment is quite high, but it is worth remembering that studying is also important.
  • Courier. A pretty popular type of activity. Many large companies constantly resort to the services of couriers. To work successfully, you need to be well-oriented in the city and have good communication skills. Most often, couriers are required to comply with a strict reporting form, and fines are punished for being late.
  • Cashier at fast food restaurants. It is possible to work on a flexible schedule, and the salary is quite decent, and even career growth is possible. But often, there is a system of penalties for being late, and if you inadvertently are rude to a client, you will lose your job. For such work, you need to have restraint and stress resistance.
  • Tutor. If you know something well, you can share your knowledge with others and get paid for it. You will need to be calm and persevere in order to teach other people, as well as to be good at the skill that you will teach.

Online Work

Online work is good because you do not have to spend time on the road, and you can do it anywhere you like and where there is good Wi-Fi. In addition, online work often involves a deadline but does not imply a rigid schedule. Here are some examples.

  • Freelance. The advantage of this income is that there is no need to work on a rigid schedule. In addition, there is no boss, which is also a definite advantage. You can promote SMM, create websites, write product reviews, and so on. You can also write term papers, master's theses, and essays for other students and earn good money on this.
  • Blogging. Keeping a personal blog can be profitable for a student - if you promote a blog, you can place advertisers' offers on it for money. You can blog on YouTube or on the growing popularity of TikTok, as well as other social networks such as Instagram.


Students can expect to receive a loan, perhaps not too much, but still. You won't be able to get a mortgage, but you probably don't need one. However, you can get some money for your own expenses with a payday loan or a personal loan.

  • Payday loan. Such financial assistance has limits on the amount - often no more than $ 500. At the same time, the term for repaying a loan to payday is 14 days or a month. However, such a loan can be obtained within 24 hours, so it is suitable for external cases.
  • Personal loan. This is a type of long-term loan that can be either unsecured or secured; that is, the lender will require you to provide collateral. With the help of a personal loan, you can get much more than with a payday loan, with lower interest rates and for a longer period. But you will need to make monthly payments clearly on time.