Every Wednesday at 6 PM

That’s right! Every Wednesday at 6PM, during the summer, we will offer ice cream, school tours and fun STEM activities for all ages. Open to the Public!

  • June 3rd: Growing Foam
  • June 10th: Egg Drop Challenge
  • June 17th: Straw Boat
  • June 24th: Make Your Own Ice Cream
  • July 1st: Color Wheel Theory
  • July 8th: Index Card Towers
  • July 15th: Junk (Treasure) Sculptures
  • July 22nd: Bubble Mania


If you didn’t know, Imagine West Gilbert has a Facebook page. Please click on this link and like our page. Thanks you very much.

Color Run

The Color Run fundraiser will be held on May 7th. Click here to see how you can support our kids. Thank you.

STEM Night

STEM-NightSTEM Night! Join Us for a Family Night of Fun and let’s Explore STEM together! Thursday, April 16th 5-7pm. Click here to download our detailed flier.


Cheer Squard #1

“Congratulations to our 1st place Cheer Squad”


Spring Dance

Our Spring dance is scheduled for Friday, April 17th. 5-7pm. Come on out and have fun with us.


On Friday, April 10th we will have choir night at the Arizona Diamondbacks game. Time 6:40pm

Please contact the office for details.

Urgent Message


March 6, 2015


We just received notice that the legislature is proposing a budget that cuts an estimated $3.9 million from the state revenue that we receive on an annual basis. That number may become even higher.

A cut that large will create incredible hardship on schools. We work efficiently and effectively with the money we are given, and if the state decides to cut funding, it will place a greater burden on our schools to overcome the budget shortfalls.

Imagine Schools is proving public schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students. A cut of this magnitude will greatly impact all our schools and classrooms.

Imagine Schools is proud to partner with you in your child’s education. We also support our legislature for working towards economic sustainability, a measure we also share at Imagine Schools, but this cut goes too far. A cut this size would greatly impact the level of resources we need to continue to make a positive impact on student achievement.

Imagine Schools is the largest network of schools in Arizona with over 8,300 students. Our partnership with our parents is tremendous and now we need your help. Lawmakers are expected to vote very soon on this budget. Click here to send a message to your lawmakers. Click here to send a message to your lawmakers. Please take a moment to send a message. As partners with you in educating our children, we ask you to help keep the educational future bright for all of Arizona’s students.


Imagine Schools Faculty & Staff

Urgent Message (Spanish)


6 de Marzo, 2015

Acabamos de recibir el aviso de que la legislature ha propuesto recortes presupuestales por un estimado de $3.9 millones de dólares que recibimos de los recursos del estado anualmente. Este numero puede sera aun mayor.

Acabamos de recibir la noticia de que la legislature ha propuesto recortes presupuestales por un estimado de $3.9 millones que provienen de los recursos del estado anualmente. Este numero puede sera un mayor.

Un recorte tan grande creara un gran problema para las escuela. Nosotros trabajamos de manera efectiva y con el dinero que se nos da, y se el estado decide recortar los fonds, esto creeara una gran carga en nuestras escuelas para sobrellevar este recorte de fondos.

Las Escuela Imagine han demostrado que las escuelas publicas pueden tener excelente resultados si son pequenas, eficientes y establecen altas expectativas para todos los estudiantes. Un recorte de esta magnitude tendrá un gran impacto en todas nuestras escuelas y en nuestras aulas.

Las Escuelas Imagine se enorgullece de ser sus socios en la educacion de sus hijos. Tambien apoyamos la legislatura que trabaja en la sostenabilidad económica , una medida que rigen nuestra cultura en las escuelas imagine, pero este corte del presupuesto va demasiado lejos. Un recorte de esta cantida causara un gran impacto en el nivel de recursos que necesitamos para continuar teniendo un impacto positive en el progreso educativo de sus estudiantes.

Las Escuelas Imagine es la cadena más grande de escuelas de Arizona con más de 8,300 estudiantes. Nuestra asociación con nuestros padres es impresionante y es ahora que necesitamos de su ayuda. Los legisladores estaran votando muy pronto en este presupuesto. Envie un mensaje a los legisladores haciendo click aquí Click here to send a message to your lawmakers. Por favor tomese un momento y envie este mensaje. Como nuestros socios en la educación de sus hijos, estamos pidiendo su ayuda para mantener un future educativo brillante para todos los estudiantes de Arizona.


Job Fairs

Imagine Schools will be attending several Job Fairs seeking to hire highly qualified teachers. This is a great opportunity to speak with one of our representatives to learn more about Imagine Charter Schools career opportunities. We look forward to meeting you!

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